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Frequently Asked Questions

3J Microwave offers a wide spectrum of millimeter wave products in the field of telecommunications, radars, science reseach and sensors. Here are some questions that are often asked of us:

Q: How do I order the parts right for my applications?

A: For any specific applications we recommended that you make a block diagram that consists of lineups of functional components. The parts may be ordered based on the specifications in the lineup.

Q: How do I order parts from a foreign country(outside USA)?

A: The parts may be ordered through our Sales Department or our representative in the region your country is in. 3J Microwave's products are subject to USA exporting licences and permits. Please refer to the links below for details on what products and which countries require exporting licences and how to apply for those exporting licenses.

Q: How do I find the representative for the region of my country?

A: Please contact the factory using the information listed in our Contact page.